Support for audiovisual symposium in Singapore

Support for audiovisual symposium in Singapore small image

Rei Foundation will support the Joint Technical Symposium (JTS) which will take place in Singapore on 7-9 March 2016. JTS is an international symposium for audiovisual professionals working in the fast-evolving field of preservation and access.

Since the last JTS in 2010 the audiovisual archiving world has seen many dramatic changes and advancements in the technologies that enable preservation. The rate and magnitude of these changes requires a collaborative approach to enable all archives to make sense of the best way to keep collections alive for future generations.

The theme of JTS 2016 is Sustainable Audiovisual Collections Through Collaboration, and addresses this dynamic landscape. The papers presented at JTS 2016 will cover the ongoing technological viability of audiovisual collections both as individual items and holistically, as well as every aspect of audiovisual media preservation and access such as conservation and restoration, harvesting and accessing collection information - including metadata and intellectual property.

Organised by the Co-ordinating Council of Audiovisual Archives Associations (CCAAA), JTS brings together leading global expertise on the long-term preservation and accessibility of the world’s heritage of moving image and recorded sound collections.

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