New project launched to preserve film archives

Rei Foundation has entered into a new collaboration with the National Archives of Malawi (NAM) and Tokyo Koon. This project aims to preserve the heritage of Malawi that is contained in the reel-to-reel film collection currently held at NAM, dating from the 1950s onwards.

The collection contains films of traditional dances, documentaries of the first President of Malawi Dr H. Kamuzu Banda, footage of the Malawi Young Pioneers who were assassins trained during the one-party rule, of the Queen Mother’s visits to Malawi and other countries and of the visits of presidents like Jomo Kenyatta to Malawi.

Most of the footage contained in these archives cannot be found anywhere else in the world, making it priceless. This project will offer training in audiovisual preservation and digitisation techniques as well as providing a sustainable environment in which the films can be stored.

National Archives Malawi

National Archives Malawi

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