FAFSWAG goes to Centre Pompidou

Rei Foundation is proud to support arts collective FAFSWAG as they take up an invitation to show their award winning interactive documentary FAFSWAGVOGUE.COM at the Centre Pompidou in Paris and Moku Pacific HQ in London. They will present their interactive documentary and the short video work, FEMSLICK. Artists Pati Solomona Tyrell, Cypris Afakasi, Jermaine Dean, Akashi Fisi’inaua and Tanu Gago will travel to Europe for two weeks to take part in a series of engagements, including multiple screenings of the work, public panel discussions, creative collaborations, workshops and performance showcases.

This is an opportunity for FAFSWAG to journey across the world and share these Pacific stories with new audiences on the global stage, but it will also have an impact on the work FAFSWAG do here in Aotearoa.

Following the presentations in Paris and London, FAFSWAG will present an event with the 312 Hub in Onehunga, Auckland to share their work with their communities. This aligns with FAFSWAG’s strategic goals to work with young people and building meaningful connections that strengthen and grow safe spaces for LGBTIQ+ Pasifika narratives, identities and communities.

Rei Foundation have previously supported FAFSWAG’s tour of the stage work Fa'aafa by Walters Prize nominee, artist Pati Solomona Tyrell, to the New Zealand FRINGE Festival in Wellington. These sold out performances at Bats Theatre were nominated for a 2018 FRINGE design award.

A still from FAFSWAGVOGUE.COM featuring Pati Solomona Tyrell and Jermaine Dean.

A still from FAFSWAGVOGUE.COM featuring Pati Solomona Tyrell and Jermaine Dean.

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