FAFSWAG presents new multimedia theatre work Fa’aafa

Rei Foundation is entering into a new agreement to provide support FAFSWAG for their project Fa’aafa. FAFSWAG is an LGBTIQ+ Pasifika collective based in South Auckland. Their purposes include privileging indigenous cultural practice through the arts and creative industries, advocating for visibility within Pacific communities as well as institutional spaces, decolonising art practice and creating safe spaces for LGBTIQ+ people of colour. In March 2018, they will be travelling their project Fa’aafa to the Wellington Fringe Festival for four performances at Bats Theatre.

Fa’aafa is by FAFSWAG member, Pati Solomona Tyrell. The work combines Samoan oral traditions, adornment, movement and sound. Juxtaposed against modern digital projection, Fa’aafa creates a Samoan fāgogo (fable) for young urban Polynesians. It examines the spiritual realm of Samoan culture with its emphasis on the relationship between people and spaces and relationships known as fa’aafa (the Samoan concept of ‘half’).

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